What if your spare time could change the world?

With Betterplace, it can.

Betterplace connects you with small tasks that enable you to make an immediate impact for good in the world.

What you can do

  • Protect the Vulnerable

    At a time when minorities, refugees, immigrants, women and the rights of children are at risk, Betterplace can help you take concrete action to tip the scales back.

  • or

  • Defend Democracy

    Join a team registering new voters or share a petition with your network demanding ranked ballot voting. Democracy is in your hands.


and more…

How it Works

Under the Hood

Designed to withstand fraud, censorship, and third-party interference, our platform is built on cutting-edge decentralized technology, Ethereum.

Get Betterplace

Betterplace runs as a homescreen app on your device. To add Betterplace to your device, click the button below.