If you are worried about the direction your country is headed but aren’t sure how to make a difference, we have built a mobile app that tailors the experience of taking action to you. Betterplace recommends simple actions that you can take right now, and which align with the actions of many others to generate real impact. Unlike platforms that promote the agenda of one particular cause or organization, Betterplace helps you set your own agenda for change.


Farhaan Ladhani
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Ben Rowswell
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Our story

The insight behind Betterplace comes from Tahrir Square in Cairo, where the cofounders spent much of 2011. We were fascinated by the ability of hundreds of thousands of citizens to self-organize with no organization to tell them what to do. These networks of distributed action can reshape the politics of every country where citizens have access to the internet.

But Egypt also showed how fragile these networks can be. So we set out to find a way to keep citizens mobilized by unlocking the individual motivations of each person to stay involved. Over the next six years, we worked with human rights activists in the Middle East, East Asia and Latin America mobilizing millions of their fellow citizens for lasting change.

Once we were confident of our solution, we left our respective careers to make Betterplace a reality. Betterplace was incorporated in 2016 in Canada, just before the great progressive awakening in the United States.

Betterplace was developed by Perennial Software Inc., a Canadian company co-founded by Farhaan Ladhani and Ben Rowswell.